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Headhunters Softball - Exclusive Axe Team August 2, 2012

Headhunters Softball LogoBaden Sports is thrilled to announce that Axe bats are now the official bat of the Headhunters, a Slowpitch team based out of Jesup, Georgia. A highly competitive “B” team, the Headhunters play up to the “A”/Major level. Axe bats will be used exclusively in all Headhunter games.

Leading the Headhunters team is 23-year-old rising softball star, Jonathan Scott. With a batting average of .765 and home runs in 40% of his at-bats, Jonathan is turning heads!

Jonathan took an interest in softball after playing four years of high school baseball. Wanting to keep playing the sport he loved as a teen, Scott agreed to play in a local softball tournament, where he handily won MVP. “I was hooked,” says Scott. “I spent all my spare time hitting and playing in local tournaments.” Playing his first conference tournament in 2009 confirmed his passion for the game. In 2011, Jonathan Scott played his first full year of conference with Down2Earth, winning the prestigious Smoky Mountain Classic Homerun Derby.  In 2012 he joined the highly-ranked Headhunters/Baden team. As if one Scott weren’t enough, Jonathan’s twin brother, Jesse, also leads the Headhunters as a heavy hitter.

Jonathan ScottJonathan has received many accolades at such a young age, proving to be one of the best young players out there. A few of his accomplishments:

  • -2009 Boones Home Run Derby champion

    -2010 Mullet MVP with 22 home runs and above .900 average

  • -2011 Peach State Shootout All Tournament

  • -43rd Smoky Mountain Classic Home Run Champion with 17 home runs

  • -2011 - Selected as a member of the 2nd All Conference team

  • -2012 - Selected as DW’s major prospect for power hitters

And the softball world is taking notice of this quickly rising star. Says Jonathan’s coach, Carlton Griffin: 

“Jonathan "JSmooth" Scott works hard on his game and puts the work in day in and day out to become an elite hitter at the Conference level.  He has amazingly quick hands and a super smooth swing that leads to his nickname "JSmooth".  It has paid off for him winning multiple homerun derbies every year. Jonathan is one of the elite power hitters from the next generation of slowpitch softball players.”

Jonathan is an Axe bat believer and says this about the 2013 USSSA Avenge Softball bat:

"The Axe bat is a game changer. The handle allows your hands to explode through the zone, keeping the bat on plane through the ball. The barrel has great feel and a gigantic sweet spot. If you want to take your game to the next level, the Axe is your chance.”

The Axe has the ability to make people better hitters, and, in Jonathan’s case, take great hitters to the next level. The patented handle doesn’t prohibit your swing like the traditional knob does and allows players to make solid contact with the ball more consistently. What does this mean? More home runs for Jonathan Scott and the Headhunters!

The Headhunters are on their way to Detroit for the final conference tournament of the year (August 1-3). We at Baden can’t wait to see the Axe in action and are confident, with their incredible talent, they’ll be moving on to the 2012 World Series!

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